Check-in is the last step before taking a flight at Alicante airport. Thanks to this process, the airline has the record that this place will be taken by the person who booked the flight.

Also, when making the billing, the person acquires his boarding pass, which indicates the exact time at which the boarding process will begin and the door by which it will be made.

Online check-in

With online check-in you can do this from any mobile device or computer, through the airline’s website (or the mobile app). A procedure that will save you queues and waiting times at the airport.

How check-in online works

To perform this procedure you must access to the airline website.

On the web you will find a tab where “check-in online” appears, click and wait for a small menu to appear, on the menu, you must indicate your name and surname, as well as the reference number of the booking, which is indicated in the email that you received when you booked your flight.

Afterwards, you will be shown the billing process, in which you will be asked for your ID or passport, the seat you wish to occupy in the plane and if you want any extra services. After that, you will have to indicate in which email address you want to receive your boarding pass, which you can print or download to your mobile phone (if you have a QR code).

Once in the passenger terminal NAT at Alicante airport, remember to check the monitors, to know with certainty what time the boarding process will start and in which door. You must show your boarding pass during security checks and at the time of shipment. In case you only carry hand luggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate, without going through the check-in desks.


Remember to arrive early enough to pass security controls. Try to check the information panels, because sometimes there are last-minute changes in the flight schedule or, more commonly, at the boarding gate.

For your convenience, remember that you have parking service very close to Alicante Airport, which you can book through the website in the same way that you check-in online. So you will have the tranquility to reach our parking and without waiting, we will take you quickly in a minibus to the airport terminal, where, if you have already checked in online, you can go directly to your boarding gate. Also, on the way back, we will pick you up directly at the terminal.