The beautiful city of Alicante offers you the possibility of enjoying its privileged climate, which is around 19º a year, with its squares and alleys, its magnificent nightlife or its spectacular views of the Mediterranean. From your arrival to the Alicante airport parking you will have the comfortable option of taking a taxi that will leave you in the center to organize your getaway by visiting the most emblematic corners to see in Alicante.

 Meet 5 charming corners in Alicante

  1. Castle of Santa Bárbara. It is located in the middle of Mount Benacanil, at 166 meters of altitude and with a strategic location, since from there you can contemplate the entire bay of Alicante and its surroundings. This imposing castle dates back to the end of the 9th century, in the Muslim era, and is named after Santa Barbara because it was celebrated on December 4 in 1248, when the infant Alfonso de Castilla, later known as Alfonso X “El Sabio”, snatched it from the Arabs. It has three different enclosures, the Turret, which houses the Tower of Homage with the oldest basements (11th and 13th centuries), with an intermediate enclosure that houses dependencies of the XVI as the Court of Arms, the Hall Felipe II, the Corps of Guard Or the Bastion of the Queen and a lower enclosure, which has the Revellín of Bon Repós.
  1. Alicante City Town Hall. This emblematic building is a baroque palace belonging to the XVIII century and among its features has the zero quota of Spain in its first step. It refers to the height elevation of all Spain that is measured from Alicante. For example, the height of the highest peak of the peninsula, the Mulhacén, is calculated from this city.
  1. Port of Alicante. This spectacular marina has a great relevance as recreational craft and leisure areas, with its iconic statue of Icarus. Besides being a magnificent place to visit, because of its enormous beauty, also has a great historical trajectory. And during the Spanish Civil War, the city of Alicante was the last Republican stronghold, so that this city saw the Stanbook, the last ship loaded with Spanish exiles, set sail from its port.

  1. Concatedral de San Nicolás. Although its exterior facade is very austere, inside you can discover several of its magnificent treasures. We speak, among others, of its beautiful patio, which is older than the concatedral, belonging to the fifteenth century. Also it emphasizes its spectacular organ, that is considered the oldest of all the Valencian Community, of century XVI.
  1. Postiguet Beach. For those who love the beach and the good weather, there is nothing like enjoying a good day in this beautiful and very accessible urban beach, so that you can take a good swim, stroll or enjoy delicious seafood in its bars and Adjoining restaurants.

Alicante will offer you everything you look for in your holidays, with its monumentality, its magnificent nature, its sun and beach tourism and a wide range of leisure and free time.