A few kilometers from Alicante and seated on the bank of the Vinalopó river, you can find Elda. A city of those that must be seen in Alicante, with a rich monumental legacy, with a hectic history and an intense cultural activity that is collected in the numerous museums that houses. If you are thinking of doing a cultural visit to the city of Alicante and do not know where to start, read on because we show you an itinerary of museums in Elda.

What to discover in Alicante: Elda´s museum route

  1. Footwear Museum

Elda is the cradle of Spanish footwear, in fact, in the city is the largest shoe industry in Spain. Its tradition is centennial as well as its history. For this reason, the doors of this museum were opened: to present the evolution, the history, the techniques of manufacture and the tradition of this sector. It is composed of four rooms that show a permanent collection and another one destined to the temporary ones.

  1. Kurhapies Museum

If you want to go deeper into the history and importance of footwear in Elda, this museum is ideal. It is promoted by the company shoemaker eldense Kurhapies and in it you will see some unique pieces and old manufacturing machines.

  1. Ethnological Museum

It is next to the Museum of Footwear and shows an exhibition that deals with the customs and way of life of the eldenses from the 19th century until the 20th century. In addition, it has a space commemorating Pedrito Rico, one of the singers of Elda with more international projection, especially in Latin America.

  1. Municipal Archaeological Museum

It is a journey through the history of the region: from Prehistory and Iberian, Roman and Byzantine-Visigothic occupation to the Middle and Modern Age. This, in addition, manages the cultural visits by the old zone of the city.