Located at the south of the Carpathians, Bucharest is the most important city in Romania. Elegant and stately, thanks to the splendor of its buildings of the twentieth century, which earned him the nickname “Little Paris”. Imposing, due to the spectacular landscape that surrounds it, and with a marked cultural identity, the capital of Romania is a destination that will surprise you. You can travel to Bucharest from Alicante, from Alicante-Elche Airport, which can be reached by public transport. You also have the option to do it in your own car and leave it at the Alicante Airport Parking.

 What to see in Bucharest: a visit to the capital of Romania

The old town of Bucharest is one of its great attractions. It walks through picturesque pedestrian streets, keeps some of the most beautiful architectural buildings, such as the Church of San Antonio or Corte Vieja; And picturesque streets, such as Lipscani.

The Victory Avenue, Calea Victoriei, is the main and oldest artery of Bucharest. I recommend to take your time and take the time, as you can not only see beautiful buildings, such as the Palace of Cantacuzino, the modern and striking Palace of Telephones or the Romanian Athenaeum, but also you can shop in the most exclusive shops , like Gucci.

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most immortalized monuments in Bucharest. It reminds to Paris, which is not a coincidence, since the twentieth-century urbanism of the city was inspired by that of the capital of France. The Palace of the Parliament is a majestic work of architecture. One of the biggest in the world, which you can not miss.

Did you know that Bucharest is the city that most churches have per inhabitant of the world? It has about 250, different cults, but especially recommended is the Church of San Nicolás. Do not miss it!