Moscow is a melting pot of cultures between Europe and Asia, reflected in its imposing monuments of rotund architecture, in its grandiose squares and in the immensity of each of its corners. You can fly to Moscow from Alicante; Its airport operates regular flights to the Russian capital. Going to the airport is easy! you can do it by public transport or by private vehicle and leave it at Alicante Airport Parking. If you want to know more about the benefits of the Russian capital before starting your trip, , read on.

 What to see in Moscow

The Red Square is part of an impressive architectural complex next to the Kremlin, the walled citadel that houses important public buildings, the Mausoleum of Lenin, where Finds embalmed the former Soviet leader, and St. Basil’s Cathedral with its bulb-shaped colorful domes. In the immediate vicinity is GUM, an impressive shopping center with a very ostentatious interior and in which you will alternate luxury shops, with restaurants and other places of leisure.

The Moscow subway is a sanctuary of art, radiating spectacularity. Its stations, especially the old ones, are lined with marble or wall paintings and equipped with arches, glass chandeliers and huge staircases.

Gorky Park is the great green lung of the capital. It is located on the banks of the Moscova River, is endowed with several gardens, lagoons and recreation areas and is perfect for an ecotourism day.

The Kitai Gorod district is one of the first to be built outside the Kremlin and houses important buildings such as the Mint or Romanov palace. The Arbat district is also worth a visit. It has a very bohemian atmosphere and is the cradle of artists and intellectuals of the city.

The immense Moscow is a different city every day, which will surprise you at every step. Good trip!