These new connections confirm the increase of domestic traffic that is occurring these last few months, 15% more than last year counting from the beginning of the year until May.

With these data, the airlines have started to invest in the domestic market and Alicante will have direct connections with 12 Spanish cities, the new Leon, Burgos, Santander, Oviedo and Menorca and the seven that already had to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Palma, Tenerife, Las Palmas and Santiago de Compostela.

These flights are operated by Air Nostrum, Vueling, Volotea, Ryanair and Air Europa.

Madrid remains the national Airport with further connections to Alicante, due largely to Madrid is a focal point for transatlantic flights and left as unfinished connecting Alicante and Seville, scheduled for after the summer and the connection to Zaragoza which he was lost in the past and despite the interest shown by back, finally civil aviation has not given permission to the company that announced for restoration on scheduled flights.

The airport continues breaking passengers record and with the data we have so far everything indicates that the airport will close the year with about 10.2 million users, with higher profits than last year, when they amounted to 50.5 million euros before taxes, numbers that place the Alicante Airport with the fifth largest record beating Barajas Airport.