Acceso Aeropuerto


Access to Alicante Airport and Umbrella Parking improvement has been delayed again. Despite the continuous increase of passengers at Alicante-Elche Airport in recent years, resulting on a increase of traffic at their access and after the end of the public exposure process of the project, budgeted it 24 million euros, the project has no funds from the Ministry of Development and it´d also outside of Brussels development of the infrastructure network helps, so next government has to be the one that will have to decide what to do with a 10 years project proposal that is one of the most important and necessary, within the network of roads in the province.

The project involved a splitting of the N-338, that access to Alicante Airport and Umbrella Parking and connects with the N-332 that connects to the coast road and carrying a very heavy traffic in summer and A-7, a highway that is becoming a problemtic point due to the constant increase in passengers from Alicante airport, which this year plans to increase by more than 410,000 passengers. The Ministry had entered only € 100,000 for the project this year, the same as for 2016 will for a much needed infrastructure which is waiting for many years its place inside the budgets.

The project involves the full improvement of the 5 km of the national 338, with two-way split joining with the IFA, the Via Park, the N-332 and A-70.