Avion Air France

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of France (DGAC) asked the airlines operating at Orly and Marseille, two of the biggest airports in France, to cancel 20% of the flights scheduled for Thursday, before the new strike called by the USAC-CGT minority union of air traffic controllers will start this afternoon.

Before the new strike of 36 hours, which will begin Wednesday and last until 6:00 of Friday, April 1, Aena advises passengers intending to catch a flight the next few hours to France to consult the status of their flight with your airline. The last strike of air traffic control in France, from 20 to 22 March, caused the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights and 500,000 minutes late, which affected more than one million passengers, according to data from the Community employer Airlines for Europe (A4E, Airlines Europe, in English). This association recently created groups the highlights of the continent traditional groups and low cost: the IAG Spanish-British (which groups British Airways and Iberia), Lufthansa, Ryanair, EasyJet and Air France-KLM, Norwegian and Finnair.

Unemployment air traffic control (ATC) in France during these two days caused 8,333 hours late (equivalent to 347 days) to airlines operating in European airspace during the strike marks the lobby.

 This new day of strikes is the 43rd in France in less than six years, according to A4E data, which warns that the new strike will cause “the cancellation of hundreds of flights and alterations and serious delays” throughout the Old Continent. Last year, more than 10,000 flights operated by members of the European employers were affected by the 28-day strike in Europe.

“Unjustified strikes”

“It is unacceptable that airlines and their customers can be punished repeatedly by these unjustified strikes. We call on the European Commission to act immediately in defense of consumers,” said the CEO of A4E, Thomas Reynaert.

A4E, which recognizes the right to strike is a fundamental right, regrets that the travel plans of a million or more European passengers are affected by this conflict again. European airline alliance is working on an immediate action plan to try to minimize the effects of the strike, both local traffic and overflights.

However, it asks the European Commission to lead the implementation of a European Strategy for Aviation “without interruption”, which he considers “a priority” for the benefit of travelers. Finally, remember that the negative impact of strikes by air traffic control (ATC) in Europe is “key” for airlines that make this alliance and its customers.