Spain is the nougat country. A tradition that the Arabs left us and that has arrived intact until our days. And, if there is a place par excellence in our country recognized throughout the world for its nougat, that is undoubtedly Jijona, the place where the best nougat is made, so it was imperative to have a museum dedicated to this precious sweet there. A museum more than curious that transports you until the sixteenth century to let you know how was the manufacturing process from the beginning. If you are wondering about a nice place to visit in Alicante, do not miss this curious and sweet museum.

How did the idea of ​​the nougat museum come about?

It really was a shame that the old nougat manufacturing machinery was lost. So Juan Sirvent advised by José López Mira and helped by his son Juan Antonio Sirvent Arroyo decided to create in the 60’s the nougat museum in Jijona. With time and constance in three decades the museum was expanded with utensils and machinery that were getting old.

 The museum today

The Nougat Museum in Jijona is divided into three floors with murals that explain everything around the nougat. On the upper floor are exposed raw materials. In the intermediate plant the processes of marzipan and nougat of Jijona are shown and in the bottom plant all the merchandising is exposed. Advertising, packaging, stalls …

The visit is made with a guide that explains everything to perfection in a very entertaining and didactic way. In addition, it takes you to the production area if the visit is in a production season. And, if you want, you have a store to buy nougats and other typical sweets like marzipan.

 Location: in the Polígono Industrial del Turrón-Pol. Espartal 2 / Ctra Bussot Km. 1, C.P (03100) Jijona (Alicante).

Schedule: Passes 10:00 / 10:45 / 11:30 / 12:15 / 13:00 and 16:00 / 16:45 / 17:30. Sundays and holidays are closed.

 Costs: The normal rate is 1.50 euros. For schoolchildren and retirees 0.50 and for groups with more than 10 people, 15 euros. In high season (from July to September) 3 euros, 1 euro and 15 euros respectively.

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