Alicante Airport

Cardiff: Discover Wales capital

If you are thinking about taking a trip and you are going to leave from Alicante Airport, there are endless destinations that you can meet. From the most famous to hidden places that will surprise you. Nothing is better than traveling, shed everything for a few days and enter other worlds and other cultures. Today we recommend you to leave the car at the Alicante Airport Parking and look for a unique experience. Dare to travel to Cardiff from Alicante,…

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What to see in Venice

Venice, the City of Channels and the one that inspired Canaletto; The one of the palazzos and the one of the buildings of overwhelming monumentality, is a destination made to measure for those who seek to enjoy the magic. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and you can fly from the Alicante Airport, where our Alicante Airport Parking is located. If you have planned to visit it, we propose some of the essential that you have…

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Wifi at the Alicante Airport

Whether you are traveling from Alicante airport or you are on transit on any of your trips, you are in luck because it is one of the Spanish airports that has a wireless Internet connection via Wifi. The Wifi in Alicante Airport provides coverage and access to most of the passenger terminals. This is a free subsidized access with advertising by the company kubiWireless-Eurona. In addition, if you wish you can also hire a premium service of maximum speed whose…

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What to see in Moscow, the city that rests on Moldova

Moscow is a melting pot of cultures between Europe and Asia, reflected in its imposing monuments of rotund architecture, in its grandiose squares and in the immensity of each of its corners. You can fly to Moscow from Alicante; Its airport operates regular flights to the Russian capital. Going to the airport is easy! you can do it by public transport or by private vehicle and leave it at Alicante Airport Parking. If you want to know more about the…

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Travel to Zurich from Alicante

One of the destinations offered on the Alicante Airport is Zurich, the main city of Switzerland (although not the capital). If you are planning to travel to Zurich from Alicante, continue reading, as we will tell you everything you can not miss on a visit to this city.  What to see in Zurich Zurich is a cosmopolitan city, where history and avant-garde are mixed, trapping everyone who visits it. Before starting to visit museums and monuments, we recommend you to take…

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Alicante airport: airlines and destinations

Alicante-Elche airport, popularly known as El Altet, is located between both cities, about nine kilometers from the center of Elche. More than forty airlines operate at the airport, covering the service in most areas of Levante and offering domestic and international flights. If you plan to travel and you want to know which airlines fly from Alicante and the destinations they offer, read on.  Airlines with service at Alicante airport Alicante airport can boast excellent connections with the rest of…

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Knowing the Alicante-Elche Airport

The history of the Alicante Airport begins in 1919 with the search of some land to build an aerodrome that served as a stopover to the Airlines Latécoère of French nationality. The general director of this company chose municipal lands near San Vicente del Raspeig and, in this way, would be born the field of flight of Rabassa. This installation would welcome one of the first commercial flights in Spain, inaugurating the regular Alicante-Oran line. During the civil war, this…

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From Alicante to the Norwegian capital: What to see in Oslo in winter

There are some festivities and bridges that lend themselves to make a break. There are many European destinations that can be enjoyed on a few days, but on this occasion we have opted for a “winter” trip and we will visit the capital of Norway: Oslo.   It will seem to some that Oslo is a very cold destination and, despite the fact that winter temperatures are low, the weather is milder than we think. In addition, Oslo is a…

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Visiting Amsterdam from Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport has the Dutch city of Amsterdam as one of its preferred destinations. A very fashionable city loved for their friendliness and its confortability to travel. It allows to know a piece of center europe at a glance. What to see in Amsterdam? If you are thinking of traveling to Amsterdam will suit you some recommendations on the best places you can find there: Place Damm: is the center from which the city was created. It is the heart…

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Park your car at the best Alicante Airport Parking and set sail to Palma de Mallorca

Do you travel from the airport to Alicante? Do you have a car and do not know what to do with him during your holiday in Palma de Mallorca? Come to Umbrella Parking and forget about your car! You just have to park your car and enjoy Mallorca! The best service from Alicante airport parking will take you to the terminal and pick you up at your arrival. The secrets of Palma de Mallorca at your fingertips Palma de Mallorca is one of…

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