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Alicante Airport reports its best historical month

More than 1.250.000 passengers used last july the Alicante Airport installations, this represents an increase of 3,8% from last year´s july.  National traffic continues being the most increased proportionally, as an augmentation of the 6,1% from spanish travelers was registered, making a total of 129.000, meanwhile intenational traffic increased a 3,9%, raising 1.120.000 passengers.  British passengers were, as usual, the most common at Alicante Airport, with a total of 509.000 passengers, far away from norweigan, deutch and dutch passengers.  Alicante…

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The new “Parking express” of Alicante Airport opens today

The Alicante Airport has changed its 15 minutes picking-up travelers place into a rarely called “Parking express” After watching that people didn´t respect the 15 minutes allowed for leaving and picking-up travelers at the departures terminal and that people didn´t use the short-term parking near the Terminal, Alicante Airport has decided to control the access of this area with barriers to assure the payment of the cars stopping for more than 15 minutes. From now, 15 first minutes will continue…

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2nd round of air controllers strike will have maximum impact on summer weekends

The 2nd chapter of air controllers summer strike will continue next 11st and 12nd of july and 25th and 26th of the same month, due to the bad result of the meetings between the trades union and airport authorities. The air traffic controllers union, USCA confirmed the next stops scheduled, that will take part from 10 to 13h and again from 17 to 20h. In the mentioned days. The Alicante Airport, with an 80% of its flights going through Barcelona…

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El Altet Airport offers direct connection with 5 new Spanish destinations this summer

  These new connections confirm the increase of domestic traffic that is occurring these last few months, 15% more than last year counting from the beginning of the year until May. With these data, the airlines have started to invest in the domestic market and Alicante will have direct connections with 12 Spanish cities, the new Leon, Burgos, Santander, Oviedo and Menorca and the seven that already had to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Palma, Tenerife, Las Palmas and Santiago de Compostela.…

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Alicante Airport raises the million passengers for first time in may

Alicante-Elche Airport closes the month of may with an increase of a 4,1% comparing with 2014´s may, as a result of its best historic register on the 5th month of the year. More than a million of passenger came through the Alicante Airport facilities at the more than 7000 flights operated last month, a 3% more than 2014´s may. This big increase has been posible thanks to the reactivation of the internal tourism, as the number of spanish passengers increased…

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Elche taxi drivers claim to reinforce measures to avoid intrusism at Alicante Airport

Taxi drivers Elche claim for a stronger control to eliminate the intrusion that is taking place at Alicante Airport, one year after the imposition of the maximum number of rides to taxi drivers of other places. This quota allows entry only up to 6 times a month to other villages taxis, but the group of Elche taxi drivers complains that “a group of taxi drivers in Torrevieja, Cartagena and Murcia are clearly breaking out the rule, and they are always the…

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The spanish air traffic controllers union calls for strike four days in June

The USCA air traffic controllers union has convened four days of partial strikes on the 8, 10, 12 and 14 of June as a rejection of the decision of ENAIRE, the spanish aerial navigation manager, to punish 61 air traffic controllers for the events in December 2010, that resulted in the closure of airspace throughout Spain. The USCA union has called for a strike from 10 to 12 hrs. and from 18 to 20 hrs. in those days, as agreed…

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AENA will offer free WIFI in all the airports of their network

As announced on the company´s website, the AENA´s board has approved the beginning of the contest to provide free WiFi, unlimited and with an increase of 4 times the current speed in the 46 airports of its network. This contest will run for two years and once the company will be assigned, they should start to provide the service within 2 months. This service will coexist with the existing Premium service, which will entail an improvement in the speed and…

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Alicante airport beats by 1,9%

  Alicante Airport finishes this April with an historical number. 924.741 passengers have used Alicante Airport this month, this means a rise of 1.9% over last year´s April, that also was an historical high registration. There has been a significantly increase of spanish passengers rising a dramatically 17.7% over the same last year´s month, while the number of european passengers increased 0.1% International traffic continues in its majority coming from the United Kingdom, followed by Germany, Norway, Holland, Belgium and…

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A court rejects the refund for flight cancellation by the traveler

  Alicante court has rejected the demand of a couple who claimed reimbursement for flight that had to cancel. In its judgment, the judge ruled that a company “low cost” can not be required to reimburse tickets since on its initial price there is a substantial reduction that excludes them from the application and the general law for these situations. The plaintiffs claimed to Easyjet return of 351 € of a flight after cancelling their trip to London. The couple…

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