Tourism in Alicante: 8 plans you will love

Take note of the plans you should not miss if you do tourism in Alicante. 1. Visit the Parque las Salinas de Santa Pola Only 20 minutes from the Alicante Airport parking you´ll finde the Salinas de Santa Pola, a natural park with itineraries on foot or by car.  2. Swim at the Birth of the Vinalopó river Take a dip in this beautiful freshwater puddle. You can spend the rest of the day picnicking or relaxing under the shade…

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What to see in Liverpool, the perfect destination from Alicante Airport

What to see in Liverpool, the perfect destination from Alicante Airport The city of the Beatles is one of the most interesting destinations to travel from Alicante. There are many things to discover at Liverpool, such as the Port of Albert Dock, declared a World Heritage Site, or Protestant Cathedral from the city. Flying to Liverpool from Alicante is a great option to enjoy a few days of holiday in the UK. It is a city given to the Beatles, one…

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Flying with your bike is possible

If you like to travel and you are quite used to do it, you should know that saving money while you are abroad is always wellcome, and transport takes a big amount of money in total! This leads us to think of cheaper alternatives and one of them may be the use of the bicycle. Many European cities encourage their citizens to use this option as an alternative to avoid traffic jams and pollution, as well as to promote a…

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Tips for parents with children traveling alone

Each time there are more facilities that the airlines have at our disposal so that the children traveling alone do so with maximum security and comfort. If you find yourself in this situation and still not fully convinced of the idea, you can rest easy and take these tips as a guide to get out of the way. A companion for your child The airlines are already adapted in the matter of  host children flying alone. Although it depends on…

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Traveling to Stockholm from Alicante flying with your car is almost possible

It has never been so easy and so cheap to travel to Stockholm from Alicante. Just take your car, leave it at the Alicante Airport Parking, and catch your direct flight to the Swedish capital. There awaits you one of the most charming European cities where tradition, avant-garde and culture are mixed. Stockholm is made up of 14 islands and has 57 bridges that give it a special charm. Its streets and squares breathe music, design and good gastronomy, and…

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Tips for flying with liquids: how to be prepared

If you are going to travel by plane, from the airport parking in Alicante we want to give you some tips to fly with liquids. Keep in mind that the European Union regulates what kind of liquids you can carry on an airplane and how you should do it. Who does the standard affect? To all passengers taking flights departing at an airport in the European Union, even if it is a stopover or transfer from one flight to another.…

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From Alicante to the Norwegian capital: What to see in Oslo in winter

There are some festivities and bridges that lend themselves to make a break. There are many European destinations that can be enjoyed on a few days, but on this occasion we have opted for a “winter” trip and we will visit the capital of Norway: Oslo.   It will seem to some that Oslo is a very cold destination and, despite the fact that winter temperatures are low, the weather is milder than we think. In addition, Oslo is a…

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European guide for chocolate addicts. Curious destinations from Alicante Airport

Chocolate is a real pleasure … In Europe, you can enjoy chocolate like nowhere else in the world. Do you want to know some of the curious destinations from Alicante Airport? The European Chocolate Route  In Lyon, Bernachon  They make their own chocolate and toast the cocoa beans. Some of his bombons are considered the best in France. Their star desserts: Les Palets d’Or and Lé President. Vilnius: the AJ Šokoladinės  Delicious pralines, truffles and all kinds of delicacies. We…

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Fly to Manchester from Alicante, discovering the ‘capital of the north’

Reference urban destination  Manchester is a city that transcends football and music, although you can breathe the essence of both at any corner. Here are some reasons why it is the ideal destination for a getaway.  Its airport is one of the best communicated with Spain, so it is easy to fly to Manchester from Alicante for an affordable price.  You can use the parking of the Airport of Alicante and from your destination walking, because another advantage of this…

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Some tips for long trips by plane

Many of us love travelling and it´s well known the benefits of this experiences: New cultures, disconnect from work and be carried away by the magic of knowing a new site. Moreover, some people travel often because of their work and spend time in remote countries for business. Whether for pleasure or obligation, taking a plane is getting much more usual and long trips usually can be tedious, so we give you some tips for long trips by plane.  Choosing…

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