Handling of Alicante Airport called for strike on September

USO, UGT and CCOO have called workers Menzies Aviation Iberica, responsible for ground handling services, partial stoppages in five Spanish airports, where the Alicante-Elche Airport is included.   Unions report that the strike has been called after a further delay in negotiating the collective agreement by the company.   According to trade union sources, Menzies did not dare to solve any of the points raised in the platform presented by the social part.   The companies affected by the strikes…

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Vueling takes position at Alicante´s Airport winter season

Vueling will expand its offer a 23% more at Alicante Airport for the next season starting in October, as announced the IAG group airline.  Three new routes will operate at Alicante this winter, Algiers, Santiago and Seville, from these, Santiago and Seville are new routes and Algiers was already operating this summer and it will be mantenied thanks to its good numbers this last season.  The company confirmed the start of the routes to Santiago and Seville from October 26,…

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Alicante Airport reports its best historical month

More than 1.250.000 passengers used last july the Alicante Airport installations, this represents an increase of 3,8% from last year´s july.  National traffic continues being the most increased proportionally, as an augmentation of the 6,1% from spanish travelers was registered, making a total of 129.000, meanwhile intenational traffic increased a 3,9%, raising 1.120.000 passengers.  British passengers were, as usual, the most common at Alicante Airport, with a total of 509.000 passengers, far away from norweigan, deutch and dutch passengers.  Alicante…

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Last strike of air traffic controllers in July ends without incidents

Air traffic controllers have supported the partial strikes of this past weekend, which has had a low incidence, like the recent stops of this month. Despite being fully backed strike by controllers, low incidence of strikes have been due to high minimum services (80%) imposed by the Ministry of Development and the compliment of them by USCA, as ENAIRE has informed to Efe press agency. Until 20:00 on July 25 5007 flights operated in the Spanish airspace, more than the…

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The new “Parking express” of Alicante Airport opens today

The Alicante Airport has changed its 15 minutes picking-up travelers place into a rarely called “Parking express” After watching that people didn´t respect the 15 minutes allowed for leaving and picking-up travelers at the departures terminal and that people didn´t use the short-term parking near the Terminal, Alicante Airport has decided to control the access of this area with barriers to assure the payment of the cars stopping for more than 15 minutes. From now, 15 first minutes will continue…

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2nd round of air controllers strike will have maximum impact on summer weekends

The 2nd chapter of air controllers summer strike will continue next 11st and 12nd of july and 25th and 26th of the same month, due to the bad result of the meetings between the trades union and airport authorities. The air traffic controllers union, USCA confirmed the next stops scheduled, that will take part from 10 to 13h and again from 17 to 20h. In the mentioned days. The Alicante Airport, with an 80% of its flights going through Barcelona…

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French air controllers called for a strike at the beginning of july

Just at the start of the high season, on 2 and 3 July, two French air traffic controllers’ unions, one of them the most representative, have called a strike to demand improvements in their agreement. The National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SNCTA) justified the strike in an email sent to the French secretary of state for transport, arguing that current policies “generate desmotivation and growing concern among staff unseen for decades.” In the latest strike called by the SNCTA…

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El Altet Airport offers direct connection with 5 new Spanish destinations this summer

  These new connections confirm the increase of domestic traffic that is occurring these last few months, 15% more than last year counting from the beginning of the year until May. With these data, the airlines have started to invest in the domestic market and Alicante will have direct connections with 12 Spanish cities, the new Leon, Burgos, Santander, Oviedo and Menorca and the seven that already had to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Palma, Tenerife, Las Palmas and Santiago de Compostela.…

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Alicante Airport raises the million passengers for first time in may

Alicante-Elche Airport closes the month of may with an increase of a 4,1% comparing with 2014´s may, as a result of its best historic register on the 5th month of the year. More than a million of passenger came through the Alicante Airport facilities at the more than 7000 flights operated last month, a 3% more than 2014´s may. This big increase has been posible thanks to the reactivation of the internal tourism, as the number of spanish passengers increased…

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IATA proposes the reduction of the cabin bag size up to a 40% calling to unify measures

International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved the reduction of the cabin bag measurements, changing the actual 56x45x25 cm to a reduced 55x35x20, claiming for a “improvement of customer service” just because it´s supposed to be an standard measure for all the airlines. This decisión has been taken at the last assembly of all the airlines belonging to this organism, that had place in Miami a few days ago. This measures are even smaller than the actual Ryanair ones, that actually…

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