Flying to Frankfurt from Alicante: City sightseeing

One of the most popular tourist destinations is flying to Frankfurt from Alicante, not only for the ease of hiring Airport Parking at Alicante with Umbrella Parking, but by the diversity of treasures and activities that the German city has. Join us in this brief Frankfurt trip! For the urbanite tourist We started at the business area visit as it´s the fastest one. We went up in the Meno Tower, with its incredible panoramic (200 meters high) to sitúate ourselves…

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Some tips for your first travel by plane

Have you ever traveled by plane? If you’ve never been in one and you have to do it soon, do not worry and do not let panic. There is always a first time for everything. Here are a few tips for traveling by plane for the first time. Tips for traveling for the first time by plane Apply this recommendations to your first travel by plane and enjoy your flight. Before leaving home – Make sure you have all necessary…

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Visiting Amsterdam from Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport has the Dutch city of Amsterdam as one of its preferred destinations. A very fashionable city loved for their friendliness and its confortability to travel. It allows to know a piece of center europe at a glance. What to see in Amsterdam? If you are thinking of traveling to Amsterdam will suit you some recommendations on the best places you can find there: Place Damm: is the center from which the city was created. It is the heart…

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Flying from Alicante to Tenerife: The must places guide

Tenerife is one of those dream paradises you can visit at any time of year. Alicante airport offers regular flights to this destination with all the facilities, as you can find a good parking up for long term, making everything easier as you only have to worry about discovering the various corners that Tenerife offers flying from Alicante. What to visit on your trip Tenerife 1. Los Gigantes and Punta del Teno. Guanche known in time for “Wall of Hell”, these…

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Park your car at the best Alicante Airport Parking and set sail to Palma de Mallorca

Do you travel from the airport to Alicante? Do you have a car and do not know what to do with him during your holiday in Palma de Mallorca? Come to Umbrella Parking and forget about your car! You just have to park your car and enjoy Mallorca! The best service from Alicante airport parking will take you to the terminal and pick you up at your arrival. The secrets of Palma de Mallorca at your fingertips Palma de Mallorca is one of…

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Sleep on the plane and arrive relaxed to the Alicante Airport Parking

Traveling is one of the most exciting activities of life. However, it also has some drawbacks. One of the main is to sleep on long trips and get to our destination rested. Long faces in the parking Alicante Airport Many travelers dont sleep well while flying. We can check this seeing at the Alicante Airport Parking some tired faces of that  indicate they don´t know some of the existing ways to achieve sleep on the plane. Take note. Tips and…

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Alicante Airport. Destination: Hamburg

These holidays discover Hamburg thanks to the best Alicante airport parking where you can leave your car while you visit this historic and cosmopolitan city. The second in Germany after Berlin, which it will seduce you with its bohemian and sailor style, as well as its enormous beauty. Flights from Alicante are continuous. You simply buy your ticket, leave the car in the accessible and useful Alicante airport parking, and launch into an adventure through this beautiful town in Lower…

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Leave the car at the best Alicante airport parking and enjoy Vienna

We all are looking forward to the arrival of summer and the holidays, as it is the time of year to relax and unwind. Wien is one of those magical destinations that no one should miss. The reasons are numerous and then do the summarize: Mozart, Beethoven or Strauss are classical composers who were born or have lived in the city known as the world capital of classical music. In addition, The Alps is another attraction of visiting the capital of…

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Choose your destination and leave your car safely parked: Alicante Airport Parking

When holidays approach and we think in visitng another places, we always have the same questions: what destination to choose and what to do with the car while traveling. When travelling from Alicante, you should not worry about the second question because at Umbrella Parking, the parking at Alicante Airport, we provide a comfortable, safe and economical service. We also pick you up at the airport! As for the fate, in a previous blog we recommended what to do in…

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Travel to Dublin leaving the car at Alicante Airport´s Umbrella Parking

When planning a trip of several days, you may arise the problem of what to do with the car once you get to the airport. Umbrella Parking at Alicante airport offers travelers a quality service parking to avoid being aware of the car during your travel. This airport has several international destinations that many people continually visit and thanks to Umbrella Parking you can have your car safely parked. One of the cities that receives a big number of visitors…

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